Lest We Forget….

Some of the things Harper wants you to forget before voting:

The Whole Shameer:  Uh-Oh Canada


  1. The Harper Government


2. Harper’s Economics


3. Suspending Democracy

Th Third Prorogation

4. Ominbus Bills: Harper’s Trojan Horse


5. Harper’s Manipulations of MPs


6. Harper’s Treatment of Veterans


7. Harper’s Unwise Political Appointments


8. Conservative MP’s Dirty Tricks

English/Anglais GD2009-0659-06 August 19, 2009 Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada The arrival of the Minister of National Defence The Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence and the Minister for the Atlantic Gateway, with assistance from the pilot of the Canadian Coast Guard Helicopter, Michel Dubé, prepares for take-off at the Forward Operation Location for the Canadian Arctic Sovereignty Operation: Operation NANOOK 09. Operation NANOOK 09 is a Canada Command sovereignty operation conducted with the participation of personnel, ships and aircraft from the Navy, Army and Air Force, working under the command of Joint Task Force (North) (JTFN). The operation ran from 06 to 28 August 2009, in Canada's eastern Arctic. Photograph by Corporal Andrew L Davis

9. Harper’s Cuts


10. Harper as Big Brother

big leader

11. Harper on Women & First Nations

12. Harper Refuses to Meet with Premiers

13. Harper’s Indifference on the Environment


14. Harper Agenda Exposed


15. It’s Time, Harper



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